Purchasing & Contracts Administration Division

About the Division

The goal is to bring together users and suppliers to ensure that the City receives the best value for the services, materials, supplies, and equipment needed to effectively and efficiently operate the City.

The department is responsible for administration and management contracts, material management, disposal of City property in compliance with federal, state, and city policies.  The Purchasing & Contracts Administration Division is accountable to elected officials, auditors, and most importantly tax payers.  Everything the department does is considered public information and subject to public inspection. 

PlanetBids - Vendor and Bid Management System
The City of Fort Myers Purchasing & Contracts Administration Division is pleased to announce the implementation of PB SystemsTM
a fully automated web-based vendor and bid management system, providing vendors up-to-date information regarding bid requests.

New and existing vendors please register with PlanetBids.  click here.

Serving the Public

One of the unique things about working with the city is that we are local government. Therefore, we are accountable to various elected officials, auditors and most importantly, taxpayers. Consequently everything we do is considered public information and may be subject to public inspection.

Each department has funds allocated to it, however, from a purchasing perspective there is only one kind of money, the public’s money. Therefore, all purchases must be made in accordance with established policies and procedures.

Division Responsibilities

The City of Fort Myers Purchasing and Contracts Administration Division is responsible for purchasing supplies, materials, services, construction and design services for all city departments in accordance with state statute, city ordinances, and established purchasing policies and procedures.

Property Inventory

This department also supervises property and inventory control, which not only tracks all assets of the city, but also is responsible for the disposition of surplus and obsolete city property.

For More Information

For more information on the city's purchasing policies and procedures, or to request a hard copy of our vendor application, you can submit a written request or stop by the office. Otherwise, view the Vendor webpage for an online application.

Mission Statement

Within the guidelines set forth by the organization and the State of Florida, the Purchasing and Contracts Administration Division is dedicated to providing and maintaining effective checks and balances while assisting in increasing the efficiency of city operations by contributing to the reduction in operational and long term cost of commodities and services and maintaining an effective inventory including selling, trading or otherwise disposing of surplus or obsolete supplies belonging to the City of Fort Myers.

Joined by relationships both internally and externally, it is essential to increase awareness of internal departmental requirements promoting trust, confidence and training along with establishing public confidence in the process by which commodities and services are acquired and preserving and maintaining a truthful quality relationship with vendors while striving to enhance competition.